Best quality and low price flying chair for sale
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    Best quality and low price flying chair for sale

  • Model: MBF3DT
  • Materials: FRP+steel
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 5kw
  • Load: 16 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Amusement ride flying chair, also called kiddie flying chair, flying chair, swing chairs, and swinger. The amusement ride flying chair is very popular with kids in amusement park, theme park, funfair, and carnival. The kiddie ride flying chair is designed in attractive appearance, so it is very hot sale.

Rotating flying chair swing electric amusement ride chair-o-planes ride for Sale is composed of 3 main parts: one central supporting column, top umbrella roof and chain chairs. The amusement ride flying chair is popular with people. The amusement ride flying chair with high quality and excellent technology. It uses the hot-dip galvanized framework and a lift, drive and brake system controlled by the art frequency converter make this a family ride worth consideration. The rotating top is raised by 4 sets of cables linked to a hydraulic ram inside the central column. Then, the ram retracts to pull the cables that hold the central ring upwards; eventually, tilting over a curve in top of the central pole, which rotates in the opposite direction to create its unique motion. The amusement ride flying chair is rotated by a motor in the roof, it can provide the electric power. Chairs and the suspending chains are made of stainless steel for low maintenance, long life and prolonged beauty. You will feel that you fly in the sky when you ride it. It is a good experience.

Amusement ride flying chair

The amusement ride flying chair is the newest type of kiddie flying chair ride for sale and these rides with fiberglass are decorated with hand-painted to attract to children’ s interest. Rider are simply seated on the chair, and the ride moves in an oscillating wave-like motion, which can give the riders the sensation to fly around the ride. When the amusement ride flying chair spinning, children as if into a fancy candy dream works, with wonderful music and cheers, gliding through the world of flying chair. It is always a best choice for kids to enjoy family fun. Amusement park popular items Flying Chair for sale head-shake flying chair has attractive appearance, bright painting color, and colorful lamps. The amusement ride flying chair ride is on a sale.

The amusement ride flying chair is a exciting and interesting amusement ride which is very popular among the kids. You can enjoy much when you ride it. Especially for kids the flying chair will bring much fun when kids ride it.