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    children’ s amusement park rides

Children’ s amusement park rides are various kinds of amusement rides. These amusement rides are designed in different sizes and shapes, these amusement rides are interesting for every kids to enjoy in the kiddie amusement parks. Children’s rides are suitable for children ages 1-12. Carousel rides, coin operated rides, bumper cars, bumper boats, all of these can be Children’ s amusement park rides. You can enjoy these amusement ride when you come to amusement park.

The most popular amusement park rides for kids is bumper car. Kids could enjoy the collusion happiness together with their friends and parents in the amusement park. There are different types bumper car. it includes electric bumper car, battery operated bumper car, inflatable bumper cars, ceiling grid bumper cars, ground grid bumper car and even water bumper cars.

Then it comes to trackless train and track trains. Lots of amusement parks, kiddie parks, kiddie funfairs and other kiddie activities need trackless trains. Amusement parks are large, trackless train could carry tourists from one place to another. There are ocean theme trackless trains, elephant trackless trains, Christmas trackless trains, vintage theme trackless trains, party trackless trains, miniature trackless trains and all of these trains could be made into track trains.

The amusement rides for Children is carousel rides. As one of the classic amusement rides in the amusement parks, carousel keeps its position till today. Carousel is designed in different sizes and themes. And it offer 12, 16, 24 and 36 seats carousel rides, double layer carousel rides and some mini size carousel rides for Children. Riding the carousel will enjoy more happy for children.

The coin operated children’s rides, these rides are small and when you inserted some coins, they will move on, swing or jump. We have several coin op rides for children, coin operated kids excavator rides, coin operated mini carousels, coin operated car and helicopters. Most of coin operated rides are designed for one kids, but some can be accommodate two kids at the same time.

The self-control rides, there provide 3, 6, 9 & 12 arms self-control amusement rides, self-control plane rides, Apache rides, big eye plane rides and several crazy car rides. These small rides are popular among kids.