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    double flying ride

Double flying ride is one of the thrill and carnival ride in the amusement parks which is designed in unique appearance. It is a kind of spinning ride, and sometimes we also call it the double flying chair, just because one cabin could carry two people to the sky.

This kind of fairground ride mainly use centrifugal force to drive the whole equipment, riders in the beautiful cabin will be lifted and moves. It is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics and usually equipped with colorful and gorgeous lights, great music, non-fade, durable painting and high-tech electrical parts. It is a kind of multifunction amusement flying spinning ride which is suitable for teenagers and adults. When the flying chair starts, the whole turntable will rotate up and down with people sitting in the cabin. It gives people a fresh feel that they are sitting in a parachute.

It is Well known double flying is also known as Super Twister. This is space-gyro rides which is popular kind of in all amusement park in many countries’ theme parks. Double flying ride is the classic amusement ride in amusement parks, theme park and other entertainment areas. The double flying ride is equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, non-fading and durable painting. Double flying is the classic amusement ride in amusement parks, theme park and other entertainment areas, children's palace, life square, etc. Making kiddy play merrily and enjoy great happiness, it begins to rotate and becomes more beautiful with various dynamic music and colorful lights. Once you try it, you will never forget this pleasure.

There are many features of double flying ride. It is a high quality and excellent technology. The material of double flying ride is made of the fiber reinforce plastic. It is easy to operate and install. It is also safe enough for kids and durable with its quality and reasonable structure. The double flying ride is various varies in shape and design, so the double flying ride is very attractive to kids.

This double flying amusement ride is suitable for amusement parks, indoor and outdoor activities, shopping malls, resorts, residential community, and other carnivals parks. It is a kind of thrill ride that will create enjoyment for family and people who is seeking for excitement.