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    dragon ride for sale

Dragon ride is a classical and prevailing amusement ride for sale widely seen in park, supermarket, community, kindergarten, outdoor squares. It also has other names of pirate ship ride, swinging ship ride, viking ship ride. People love riding giant sea dragon ride under the blue sky or play an adorable mini sea dragon ride in the bustling shopping mall.

As its name, dragon ride is very attractive to children and adults. The appearance of dragon ride is unique. The dragon ride is popular in amusement park, funfair, and a carnival. While not large, it represents a solemn and different color. Here dragon ride actually refers to a pirate ship ride for sale with dragon appearance. Different from common swinging ship ride, sea dragon ride seems more majestic and magnificent, especially popular by kids who seek adventure and challenge.

The dragon ride is a thrilling and interesting ride. Seated on the dragon ride, riders worry about whether they will be thrown out away in a split second of weighlessness. Actually safety device of sea dragon ride for sale is a piece of safety lever. When swung to the peak, riders only can back the lever, while the whole body is hanging in the air, affected by the downward force. As for fierce amusement rides such as frisbee ride, carnival rides manufacturers adopt safety protection. Thus weightlessness of passengers is comparatively less due to restraint of safety device and less force from peak to bottom. Reach out and enjoy it! passengers could press safety lever down. Under normal condition, the maximum allowable free movement of lever end is 35mm. You can relax yourself when you ride the dragon.

Pirate ship rides are regarded a new ride in amusement ride. And the pirate ship rides are popular used in amusement parks, festivals, fairgrounds, theme parks, large funfairs, squares, playground and other public places. Because of its pirate ship appearance, pirate ship rides have become one of the popular ride in amusement rides. What’s more, Relying on gorgeous non-fading color, durable and firm structure and melodious music, the giant sea dragon ride for sale will bring a safe, joyful and lively experience.