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    fun fairground samba ballon

As the name shows us, samba balloon rides is designed according to the samba balloon. It is a kind of attractive balloon ride in the amusement park. Lots of samba balloon rides has 8 cabins, and could be seated with 32 people, that’s mean, each of the cabin could contain 4 people at one time. It is a kind of family amusement ride, parents could bring their kids to ride in this beautiful balloon ride.

Samba balloon rides has been a popular and perfect small amusement rides in amusement parks. It is a kind of amusement rides that combine colorful hot balloon with beautiful cabins. Generally speaking, it is a smaller version of flying chair which is similar with the jellyfish rides, octopus rides and carousel rides. Swing chair rides are attractive to kids, but they need to ride on the chair by themselves, sometimes, kids afraid of being alone. But for this samba balloon rides, each of cabin could be seated within 4 person at the same time, kids could ride the balloon with their parents or partners. A perfect family ride.

Samba balloon rides comes in different sizes and shapes in the amusement rides manufacturer, they have 4, 6 or even 8 balloon in total. 8 cabins is the most popular model in the amusement park. During the rotation, cabins of these samba balloon rides could also be controlled by riders, they can control the speed of the cabin, enjoy the happiness by themselves. It is a kind of new amusement park rides which could goes up and down freely. Usually, each of balloons will be decorated with colorful led lights, when you riding the balloon in the night, you will enjoy a bright and grand trip. It is very beautiful view.

Here are some features of samba balloon. Samba balloon is a high quality and excellent technology. It is novel appearance with design. And it is very easy to operate. Riding the samba ballon is a good enjoy for you.