New Kids UFO Bumper Car For Sale
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    New Kids UFO Bumper Car For Sale

  • Model: BCP-7H
  • Materials: FRP
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Color: acceptable customized
  • Load: 1 person
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Kids UFO bumper car is a new amusement ride. Bumper car is one of the most popular amusement ride in amusement park. There are different types bumper cars in our factory. It includes the inflatable bumper car, electric bumper car, and battery bumper car. Those bumper cars is very attractive to kids. And new kids UFO bumper car is on a sale.

Kids UFO bumper cars for sale, as the most popular amusement rides in the amusement parks, funfairs, it has attracted lots of attentions from kids and adults. Maybe most of us have seen bumper cars in the funfairs or amusement parks. It is a kind of motorized, electric or battery bumper car games which mainly including some bumper car bodies and an indoor and outdoor sites. The kids UFO bumper car is a kind of kiddie amusement rides which should be remote control by riders. It is a real thrilling and interesting amusement ride.

Kids UFO bumper car

These bumper cars can be divided into ceiling grid bumper cars and ground grid bumper cars. For ceiling grid bumper cars, bumper cars will bounded by the electric to the ceiling. On the particular floor, we can see many sets of adults and kids bumper cars. Bumper cars are made of fiberglass and rubber. They are protected by rubber, on this way, when colliding with each other, these bumper cars will keep passengers safe. Each set of car could be sit by two people. There are Treadles for accelerate and steeling wheel for controlling the direction.

The kids UFO bumper cars become more and more popular in the amusement park. Because the ceiling grid and ground bumper cars should be bounded in a specific area, they need some floors before working. There are some features of the kids UFO bumper car. The kids bumper car is designed in UFO appearance. The bumper car is made of a good material, the bumper car is a high quality and excellent technology. Compared with other large amusement parks rides, like roller coaster, ferris wheels, disco rides and so on. Bumper cars are widely used by adults and kids. Through pirate ship rides, large disco rides and big pendulum rides are attractive, they couldn’t be played by kids. You can choose different types bumper cars as you like. Kids can gain much fun when they ride the bumper car.