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    Red Doublet flying Car

The red doublet flying car is a new amusement ride. It is doublet that the flying car is popular with people. Red doublet flying car is widely used in funfair, theme park, carnival, and amusement park.

The red doublet flying car is suitable for kids. Red doublet flying car ride for kids is a newly designed product. It has vivid and attraction style which can attractive children to play. The material of this kids rids is FRP, which is durable and beautiful. This rides can rotating and lifting up and down when it moves. Children will feel interesting and exciting on it. This kind of amusement kiddie is new developed, suitable for shopping mall, indoor, park funny rides. Cartoon car designed, dynamic decorations for the track, the mini car can rotate and swing on the track, and the mini car will spinning itself with 360 degree, children will feel very excited during the movement!

In fact, the doublet flying car is a series of the electric flying car rides. The doublet flying car is a new designed type of amusement equipment,which is suitable for indoor and outdoor. This appearance like a real car, can be painted to different colors according to your loves, when you seat in the working car like running on the road, meantime add the rotation, more crazy and funny, suitable children and adults play together. Amusement speed flying car ride is also called rally car or mini car, it is a type of amusement ride in the shape of motor. Amusement speed flying car ride is designed based on the computer game motor racing . the motor ,the tourist will have a speed feeling. This Amusement speed flying car ride consist of five to eight arms attached to a central axis spin and move along the ground, while motors at the end of the arms spin on rotary bolts. Each motor ride has the arms attached the middle of the ride. The middle of the ride Amusement speed flying car ride will move somehow. It is welcomed by the kids, young people and adults.

Movement characteristics of the product is put circle rotation and sliding motion along the orbit together. Besides,it has beautiful shape, bright color,vivid and bright fiberglass model. When visitors ride on it,the cockpit disc rotate,car body sliding along the orbit smoothly, accompanied by realistic sounds of music and flashing lights, allowing passengers to enjoy the infinite joy. This device is suitable for playgrounds, parks, plazas, cultural centers and other places.